1. Mr Gossamer
    05/12/2016 @ 8:10 pm

    Nice video.

    The issue of member involvement in policy formulation and decision-making is very interesting. I do think that any party that can get this Direct Democracy formula right and effectively working within an organisational structure has the key to power.

    How does DDIP propose policy get made, from conception to adoption, and to membership acceptance? Do you propose members provide policy ideas? If that is the case then be prepared for dissapointment. Members, by-and-large, join a party because they like a policy, person, campaign etc. They stay in the party for the same reasons, plus the absence of negative factors such as chaos and internal dissent.

    If DDIP wants members, simply offering a platform for people to promote their own ideas is not the answer. DDIP will find itself swamped by such a diversity of ideas that it is more-or-less impossible to decide an agreeable policy outcome. To assert order and stability the party needs to take a side, make decisions, and that means to set policy. Even if that is simply stating the ideals or philosophy of the party, then the party is deciding policy and setting boundaries for membership participation.

    My own opinion is that DDIP policy should flow from options set by the party. Members then choose the most popular option. The party then adopts that position. Obviously this is a gross simplification of the the process, but the essence of it is clear: that the “direct democracy”
    element within the party can only be effective if there is a policy foundation on which to build the decision-making process.

    It can be argued that such a hierarchical decision-making system cannot be “direct democracy”. I would assert that the absence of such a structured process (whereby policy ideas get offered as options for popular membership vote) would result in a sort of “Direct Anarchy” within a party that results in organisational breakdown. That would not be the desired outcome, I am sure.


    • Marty Caine
      05/12/2016 @ 8:43 pm

      Hi Mr Gossamer an interesting post and you are right if there is no control then chaos soon arrives, however the system we are putting in place is very simple really, we already know what we need policies on ie NHS, Defence, Immigration etc so just like with our own party constitution this gets written up and then posted on our DDIP members forum for debate, where the idea is then ironed out and the members get the chance to vote their approval of it. If anyone in the party decides to put forward their own policy ideas then the same process applies and through reasoned debate we find the best solutions. No policy will be put through as party policy without gaining a majority vote on it from the membership and democracy rules. By using the Forum system members can login whenever they like and contribute or start their own debates, others can then respond whenever it is convenient, the key to making direct democracy would is communication and the core of the DDIP communication will be through it’s members forum. It will be a like a 24/7 365 days a year meeting place where everyone is working together on a common goal. Of course there will be disagreement and infiltrators but I think majority rule will soon weed them out. The key to making this a success is simply reasoned debate.


  2. Robert Hall-Palmer
    30/08/2017 @ 8:02 pm

    Dear sir
    Just call it the Direct Democracy party, don’t get to clever.
    Stood for parliament for them last time, did I get a shock when they did their press conference. Far right policies leading the manifesto.
    Anyway lost my deposit, from this experience I concur with you that DD is the way for the party to go. We shall see what happens next. I am of the opinion that if JRE does not get elected the party will become far right.


    • Marty Caine
      31/08/2017 @ 5:49 pm

      Hi Robert, it is not a case of getting clever, we were refused a party name with the words Direct Democracy in it by the Electoral Commission. Maybe you and JRE should get on board with DDIP and help make a true Direct Democracy party in Britain, to give people a real voice in politics.


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