1. Gordon Smith
    16/12/2016 @ 12:23 pm

    Sounds like common sense to me also.

    One reason I am behind DDIP

    • Michael J Bates
      18/12/2016 @ 5:17 pm

      This sounds like a far more rational proposition to me, treat the NHS as the institution it truly is rather than organisation for political leverage as been the case with the Lib/Lab/Con axis these past 40 odd years.

      • Marty Caine
        18/12/2016 @ 8:04 pm

        Unless we acknowledge the real problems we can never expect to fix them. This is the same throughout the public sector today, be it local councils, NHS, MOD, even inside the Westminster bubble. We must identify were the problems are and then address those problems full on, if we are every going to make things better for all of us.

    • Steve Bater
      18/12/2016 @ 5:48 pm

      This sounds good to me. Very good.

    • Mooro
      22/12/2016 @ 8:56 pm

      As an experienced nurse I would like to help you add to these ideas.

      • Marty Caine
        23/12/2016 @ 12:21 am

        The real beauty of DDIP is everyone on board is helping to find the right solutions, it is a political party based on debate, people from every sector of society having their own input into creating the right solutions. This is why our NHS policy is completely different to any other party policy.

  2. Hilary Ford
    18/12/2016 @ 10:54 pm

    All sounds very pragmatic to me, anyone who’s spent anytime on the receiving end of NHS treatment would agree I’m sure

    • Marty Caine
      19/12/2016 @ 12:32 am

      Those who have been on the receiving end of NHS treatment know only too well what an excellent service it is, but the financial mess of the NHS is not due to the front line staff. Many seem to believe that throwing more money at it will solve all the problems but it won’t in fact that will only make the problems far worse. This is why the DDIP policy is more about making the NHS financially better run than it is at the moment, then hopefully it won’t need more funding.

      • Hilary Ford
        19/12/2016 @ 11:00 am

        Yes the front line staff deliver an excellent service under huge pressure and still manage to smile and be professional but they are not given the support by those at the top taking huge salaries, even to the point in Poole of being turfed out of the car park to a totally unsuitable location while management can remain, very demoralising for them

  3. Rob Hudson
    18/12/2016 @ 11:25 pm

    Excellent common-sense approach to the NHS. Thumbs up.

  4. Richard P
    22/12/2016 @ 7:57 am

    Sounds obvious.

    We need to dispel the idea that the NHS is sacrosanct and NHS workers are some sort of Mother Theresa esq saints. Many work hard but the applause they frequently get for merely announcing they are a nurse from the likes of BBC questions time audiences is an indication of the problem, which is that they are beyond criticism.

    Our cancer survival rates are among the lowest in Europe, it’s time to have a full and frank, apolitical, analysis of the whole of the NHS from top to bottom. Anecdotal evidence suggests elements are Byzantine in their culture and structure.

  5. Julie Price
    27/12/2016 @ 11:07 am

    Very sensible and the audit need not involve every hospital and would include areas of good practice. One of the major issues seems to be the stacking up ambulances outside the hospital while they wait to transfer the the patient into the care of hospital. This is costing lives as ambulances are out of action while they wait and completely demoralising paramedics. The current system does not work and no one seems to be addressing the issue.

    The NHS, while much loved, is not in good health and it’s time policy makers acknowledged this.

  6. Tina Spencer
    28/12/2016 @ 5:53 pm

    Very interesting 👍

    You mentioned training colleges within hospitals? OK, I am confused. When I trained – I had my theory at university and practice at different hospitals, mental health units and care homes. I would appreciate if you could expand on this.

    The NHS, is indeed wasting money. I completely agree with Matrons. Are you suggesting Matron holds the budget – managing recruitment and employing their own cleaners ?

    NHS waste – No party seems to discuss scripts . I do get it that folk on benefits have very little money, however GPs are still happy to write a script for a 35p box of 16 paracetamol! Surely items like that ought not to be allowed on a script?

  7. Mary Simmonite
    12/03/2017 @ 4:03 pm

    Richard p ……………….. Wow, don’t we all have criticisms of everything!, if we didn’t ,nothing would change! The start to getting cured of anything ,begins with your Doctor! they need a budget so hospital visit is asap , and overcrowding now makes this harder still to achieve . If like myself ,you think somethings wrong , you have the niggling doubts—but you look feel well , no headaches etc so instead of sending you to the hospital, they wait! …1st time it happened to me was in 1983 in summer joking about my slight raised bump on my head. couldn’t see it ,just feel it. was at time convinced by the doctor, it was a bone growth, and if needed ie gets bigger or any headaches etc removed… may 1992 in doctors tonsilitus my normal yearly affliction..i asked the same doctor, sort out this bump ,or i’l need a hat ,my hair was parting near raised area ,not large,but there! …… I went in total 3 ct scans ,asked why, need dye in this one better picture ,got no message from docters and hospital said ,everthing ok …..thought I was going in for bone growth removal…8-10 days in hospital. lol the night before op, nurse came for me to see docter to sign for my op….he looked round and asked wheres my next of kin..lol at home watching football…you will need to phone him to sign as its too serious for you to sign for it .. I actually did laugh and said its only a bone growth removal,i’l sign…the look on this docters face, when he said,haven’t you been told,its a serious op for removal of a possibly benign brain tumour .and you will not walk again after the op ….. I phoned my brother ,who took my husband and dad to hospital to find out and sign ……they were too upset to see me , I’d gone back and was watching the film ,telling this woman patient my odd news .. new life plan needed . next day paralysed up to neck movement in left arm slight, but told upper would improve when brain swelling reduces.. I pestered after 3rd day to get me a manual wheelchair , next, dvt in leg ..on warfarin , then recovery starts now .. IF ONLY SOMETIMES WORKS …BUT LUCK WAS ON MY SIDE . BRAIN SURGERY HAD IMPROVED OVER THE 10YRS …..sept 1992 wheelchairs .3 month in rehab at fantastic lodgemoor paraplegics/etc mixed wards 12 on each ward 21 male 3 female ,met amazing people all back breaks except me ,nicknamed the headcase….never feel sorry for yourself ,barry was a full neck break. totally dependant …in comparison we were all luckier than him……. 1st one over ,then 1999 ,yearly tonsilitus starting ,visit 1 it’s a virus .2 its infection penecillin 3 I said it looks dodgy penicillin 4 out of hours doc says absessed quinzes , I disagree ,had no pain stronger antibiotics ,went on holiday had brill time eating drinking taking my penicillin and determined the docter was sending me to hospital with this dodgy throat …… he said ok ,you might have a cyst or infection I; send you for a biopsy …. I had tonsil cancer ,aggressive , after ace chat with surgeon who explained levels of how serious ,it was the top one ,I had a full commando ,4-6 weeks to live if it wasn’t done .then 6 weeks radio therapy PRE OP tube in stomach THEN trachy in neck ,vein removed from arm to put in neck for blood supply …..the funniest bit was library used to deliver me 6 books every 3 weeks .they delivered day before which was brill ,they didn’t know I was going in hospital 2nd book down was a book ,titled ..a nice day to die …..3-4 weeks in hospital lol I was home in 2 …still tube in stomach but speaking again after 2 weeks with trachy in writing notes …. MY POINT IS WHAT WOULD THIS LOT COST TO ON PRIVATE health INSURANCE — we could not afford the first operation ,besides rehab, wheelchair etc ,home adaption…. 2nd time no chance ..WITHOUT OUR —NHS — FREE AT THE DOOR ..I WOULD HAVE DIED TWICE —– how much would you need to pay to have this level of cover ..i’m lucky ,i’m alive and full BREXIT SAVE OUR NHS