1. Elizabeth
    20/03/2017 @ 9:53 pm

    I am Canadian so I can’t vote, but my ancestors are from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. I wish very much that the British people can be saved. Please close the borders and start the remigration of the masses that do not belong there. If this is not done, the British people will be ethnically cleansed. The British Nationality Act of 1948 was created only for this end and it needs to be repealed. The Empire Windrush needs to be reversed as distasteful as that may be, in order to save the British people.


    • Marty Caine
      21/03/2017 @ 1:38 pm

      I think that once we leave the EU and rekindle our friendships with the commonwealth countries we will see many changes for the better here in Britain.


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