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DEMOS DIRECT INITIATIVE The Collective Thinking Party of Britain

Welcome to DDIP website…

Who are DDIP and is there really a need for a new political party?

DEMOS DIRECT INITIATIVE is a new political party here in the UK and became officially registered on Jan 3oth 2017. We believe there is certainly a need for a new political Party in Britain, one that understands that the Left & Right ideologies of old school politics are no longer of benefit to the modern day society we live in and believe it only really causes divisions rather than finding much needed solutions. On June 23rd 2016 the EU Referendum awoke many people from the political comas they had been in for far too long, they are now hungry for politics but do not like what is on the current menu. This is why there is a need for a new kind of political party, a party that realises that the real power is in the people. UKIP clearly showed that real change can be made in British politics without having MP’s in parliament (Yes, they do have Douglas Carswell but he is hardly a UKIP MP). As DDIP believe the people hold the real power, they have decided to turn the power pyramid of political parties upside down and empowering its membership to make the decision that control the party.

Through reasoned debate on our purpose built members forum, the membership can have their input into every aspect of the party at any time that is convenient to them, to help shape party polices, direction and structure. We do truly believe that the collective thoughts of the many can find better solutions faster than the selective opinions of the few. We also believe that with enough backing we can take the first steps to creating Direct Democracy here in Britain. A system of politics where the politicians remain subservient to the wishes of the majority.

If this is something that you would like to see in British politics then get on board and help DDIP a success. Together we can make real change for the better. This really is the start of something new and you could be part of this exciting new party, the only thing we ask of new members is they leave their Left and Right flags at the door when entering, so that we can welcome you to the world of commonsense. Should you decide it is not for you, you can always pick those flags back up should you leave.

As we value people opinions far more than their financial contributions we have an open house at the moment allowing people to join and see what the party is really all about before committing fully to the party. No invoices will be sent out for membership fees until after March 2017, so anyone can join up today and be sent their login details and join in the debates. We are confident that when people see DDIP really is what it says on the tin they will want to stay and make a real change in British politics for the better.